What happened to the ancient Greek clothing with the change of history and the influence of Greek mythology?

I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

Each student is required to complete a project, either a paper of eight or more double spaced pages in length (including notes and bibliography but excluding illustrations) or a creative project involving a similar amount of research, but presented in a different format. Topics will be chosen in consultation with the instructor by week 2. Projects need not take the form of written essays. In recent classes students have projected a series of drawings onto buildings that tell a story in the manner of architectural sculptures, develop a typeface based on Greek handwriting, and adapted and staged acts from ancient Greek plays for presentation as videos. Each project must involve research by the student and careful documentation of the sources of information used and original thinking in a brief (three-page plus one-page bibliography) artist’s statement and bibliography. Important: grades for the creative projects will depend on the student making a clear case in the artist’s statement that s/he has researched and incorporated aspects of Greek visuality into the creative project. A step-by-step process will be followed by each student in completing this assignment, including initial proposal, initial bibliography, thesis statement, rough-draft, and the final paper. Each step in the process is an important opportunity for feedback that will improve your paper/ project in the end. Late submissions of the final paper/project will not be accepted without a serious documented excuse (similar to missing an exam).