Write an essay based on the prompt below

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1st Essay Prompt

Evaluate Paulo Freire’s concept of education from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed with regards to the lecture about philosophical orientations. What philosophical orientations influence Freire’s thinking about education? Evaluate Freire’s ideas, making references to the philosophical orientations lecture as well as your own experiences in education. In other words, what aspects of Freire’s thoughts do you agree with or disagree with, and what rationale (from what you have learned or experienced in school) justifies your agreements or disagreements?

A paper must be submitted to Canvas as a Microsoft Word document

The Writing Process:

  1. Define the assignment
  2. Research—read and ask questions (find answers)
  3. Brainstorm—articulate concepts and ideas
  4. Outline—organize ideas
  5. Write the essay
  6. Review, critique, and edit

*You must submit the outline for the essay as well* The outline should include the aformentioned under the writing process.


Using APA style write roughly 4 pages (1100 to 1300 words)