Written Project

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  • The study of healthy human nutrition includes topics related to socioeconomics and food security.I am so pleased to have the course Graduate Student and experienced Registered Dietitian, this video is about supplemental nutrition and shopping on a budget. The talk includes a description of the project and instructions. Submit your written work to the Turn-It-In submission link by the due date listed above. Written Project Instructions:1) Click on the “Project A” link above. Watch the lecture video.2) Research a government supplemental food program3) Calculate your hypothetical eligibility for that program. (You do NOT have to actually apply for any program.) Calculate the food “allotment” you would receive from that program for your current household for one week.4) Create a grocery budget in which you try to live on just that food allotment for one week.5) Go to a grocery store and see what foods you can/ can’t buy on that budget.6) Write 1-2 pages on your findings, the program you chose. What foods were allowed? What did you learn? What did you have to give up for the week to stay in budget? How has this changed your view of supplemental nutrition programs?
  • Rubric for Written Project

    Assignment A Grading Rubric. 60 pts total

    20Well written, Concise; free of grammar and punctuation errors. Student’s thoughts and ideas flow well and logically. Within 1-2 pages. 20Clearly defines supplemental food program of interest. Well-researched. Gives specific examples of nutrition program’s qualifications and week/ monthly allotment. Give examples of foods allowed by that program. 20Clear mention of how student had to accommodate to meet the food allotment budget, foods that had to be substituted to stay within the allotment. Mention of challenges following the supplemental food budget. Clear mention of what student learned from this assignment. Mention awareness of food programs.
    10 Some errors, but over all structurally cohesive. Mostly Concise. Some writing is a little. Less than 1 page. 10Murky description of any governmental food supplemental program. Vague/ generalized. Does not list program by name. Program parameters not clearly defined. Little mention of allotment details for that program. 10Brief or vague mention of diet changes made. Mostly generalizations (“I ate less.”) Slight mention of what the student learned—again, vague or generalized. (“I learned budgeting.”)
    0Illegible; excessive grammar or punctuation errors; no attention grammar or formatting rules. No obvious sign of effort. 0Student did not choose any supplemental program. No research was done. No specifics are given. No weekly allotment is mentioned. 0No mention of how the student managed to stay in budget. No mention of food substitutions. No reflection on the overall experience
    Total: 60 pts