written response

I’m trying to study for my English course and I need some help to understand this question.

Your written response will help the admission committee understand your approach and current interests and involvement in media studies. Please answer the prompts below in a double-spaced, typed, two-page document in PDF file format. Explain your ideas about the following three areas in a maximum 500 words.

  • Introduce us to your unique perspective by giving us your notion of the term ‘media’ and provide a detailed explanation of its role in our world. (100-200 words)
  • Name important challenges of our times that media can have a role in, and describe what that role can be. Tell us how you see the roles and responsibilities of those who contribute to the scholarly study of media, as well roles and responsibilities as makers of media objects. Specify the ways you see the Bachelor of Media Studies program at UBC Vancouver guiding your intellectual and professional ambitions within the study paths it opens to you. (100-200 words)
  • The final area of your written response should focus on one of your portfolio pieces and connect it to the ideas you explained in the first two components of this written response. Tell us about your interests, aims, goals and strengths demonstrated in the portfolio piece and how the work you chose to include reflects your values, outlooks and priorities you mention above. (100-200 words) Note= my portfolio piece is a video that I´m gonna put the link=

note= you can put whatever you want in the 3rd paragraph for the aims, goals etc as long as it sounds professional.